UFC 255: Shevchenko vs. Maia Toe-to-Toe Preview

UFC 255: Shevchenko vs. Maia Toe-to-Toe Preview

Photograph by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC via Getty Pictures

Phil and David fracture down the total lot or no longer it’s essential to study about Shevchenko vs. Maia for UFC 255, and the total lot you don’t about Halle Berry’s subsequent movie starring Valentina Shevchenko. Valentina Shevchenko vs. Jennifer Maia this November 21, 2020 at ‘UFC 255 – ‘FIGUEIREDO VS PEREZ’, from the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.
One sentence abstract
David: Bruised, starring Jennifer Maia in preference to Halle Berry.
Phil: It’s that Andrade-Shevchenko wrestle that folk contain been asking for stunning, love… worse…?
File: Valentina Shevchenko 19-3 Jennifer Maia 18-6-1 Plot
Odds: Valentina Shevchenko -1375 Jennifer Maia +900
Ancient past / Introduction to the fighters
David: Shevchenko is entering that portion of her occupation that every UFC champion appears to experience when they dominate for a protracted length: discovering additional earnings in other areas. She’s build to star in Bruised, starring Halle Berry. Adore any films centering around MMA, family drama is the secret. What is that this anyway? In Warrior, Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton performed brothers who ended up struggling with every diversified. In the upcoming Embattled, starring Deacon Frost himself, father is struggling with son. Literally. Is Shevchenko playing Halle’s adopted daughter, and right here is how they’re gonna resolve their variations? By beating the shit out of every diversified? My dad used to be an amatuer boxer so I by no plot belief to wrestle him to resolve our variations, but per chance that used to be the vogue to transfer. If I stunning got my ass kicked arduous ample, I’d study valuable life lessons and be stunning as high-functioning as the of us that flee my nation (my UK brothers contain all of it figured out, yes?). Okay. I grunt be apologetic about. I’m rambling about fully nothing relevant, but let’s face it. Right here is every other absolute layup. Maybe love in the motion photography, Maia can even study necessary life lessons after getting destroyed by Shevchenko. Because that’s exactly what’s gonna happen.
Phil: I’m in actual fact travelling for the time being and so am struggling to write this on a cell cell phone while on a hydrofoil which is zipping via the surprisingly choppy waters of the Saronic Gulf. Soviet Navy Voskhods had been made for lakes, no longer the birth sea! On that a miniature Bond villain show, alternatively, it’s arduous to study Valentina’s movie occupation reaching the dizzying heights of Gina Carano’s, who is presently teaching the wider world on how accurate MMA of us are at your complete “brain taking into consideration” part. Val is extra likely to be confined to Rousey’s ‘scowling opponent’ position, stunning with a provoking jap European edge. I’m hoping she dances on movie though, stunning so I can gif it and utilize it to torment of us.
David: Maia has been a mainstay in the division, a success some, and shedding some. That’s stunning accurate ample for a flyweight division that has been cleaned out. Maia doesn’t provide something queer, but she’s a real blood and guts fighter who pulled off a modest upset over Joanne Calderwood, and now right here she is. To Maia’s credit, she appears responsive to her tactical obstacles. Nonetheless it’s serene arduous to believe that a 3-2 fighter who overlooked weight twice, and got suspended for imperfect supplements several moons ago is right here on the tip.
Phil: Using an improbable (exams tapology… yikes) one wrestle a success dawdle, Maia in actual fact fulfils the position of warm physique for Shevchenko to vogue on. The plus aspect is that she’s quite fun to study, as a blood n guys brawler and submission participant. On the least she won’t flee the Carmouche playbook…? (Please God no)
What’s at stake?
David: Would a Maia map shut be greater than GSP vs. Serra? That’s persistently been the gold connected outdated for improbably upsets, but I believe this would possibly likely per chance per chance beat even that.
Phil: It’d for sure be in that ballpark. Val and these fights carry out signify something valuable for the UFC though: fulfilled contractual tasks. With Nunes discussing retirement, Shevchenko can build a workmanlike poke of title defenses towards no-hopers, that would moreover be faded on (unpleasant) PPVs to fulfil the UFCs requirements for title fights. Given the recalcitrance or slack poke of defenses in many numerous divisions, it makes sense to contain a reservoir of easily booked can crushing exhibitions which leave everyone blissful: the challenger, Val, ESPN internal contractually drawn boundaries of the observe “blissful” etc.
The keep carry out they need it?
David: I can look why Shevchenko frustrates analysts. ‘Reluctance’ is no longer any longer a trait we’re faded to the utilize of to characterize an elite fighter. I suspect it’s due to she in actual fact straddles that line between being patient and being stubborn. Between being calculated, and being bored. I’m no longer so snobbish as to fake I don’t earn sure fighters sharp versus unimaginative. I’d gladly characterize guys love Jake Shields and Tarec Saffiedine as ‘unimaginative’. But I carry out like Shevchenko for exactly that motive: due to she walks that tightrope. I gain the sense that she’s intelligent to depart into extra motion, but her opponents stunning don’t force her to. I believe it’s telling that when she used to be compelled to alter, she did. It used to be too miniature too unhurried towards Amanda Nunes, but I earn this kind of criticism an indecent underselling of how refined Nunes’ assaults had been towards Valentina. And so for this wrestle, I request ‘traditional’ Shevchenko: she’ll stand exterior of the punch border, counter combination strike along with her 1-2 lead leg kick, and acquire the easy takedown when Maia is in her face. Despite her fame and signature spinning backfists, Shevchenko is no longer any longer a numerous striker. But her counter combos are so clear, she by no plot must map pack up a clear weapon. She stunning must rep the velocity reloader on her single-motion revolver. Shevchenko is what the Machida Generation would contain looked love if Rogan’s comment wasn’t a punchline. Along with. Maia is no longer any Shogun.
Phil: Staring at Shevchenko towards Jedrzejczyk used to be uniquely demanding, due to it confirmed how impressive she will be able to likely be towards any individual who used to be genuinely skilled with approximate size and reach parity. Masterful fluctuate personal an eye on, countering kicks to boot to nearly any individual in MMA, a rock real clinch takedown and top game… it’s stunning a shame we don’t gain to study these things extra towards opposition who can deliver her.
David: Maia’s strength is no longer any longer in actual fact having any. Which sounds love an insult, but I bear in thoughts it a testament to her traditional vogue. She’s neatly rounded, and full of life, and that’s stunning extra or less ample. It’s fitting that Alex Perez is the diversified contender for the night, due to they both carry out that superfluous pre-alternate head motion to steer clear of fluctuate struggling with till they are going to unleash flurries. Maia wants to gain in shut for punch combos, and mix things up with either resets or takedowns. I used to be impressed with the vogue she aggressively went for the armbar on Calderwood as soon as the wrestle went to the ground. She’s had distress prior to now with getting taken down and straight away out-positioned. That obviously doesn’t bode neatly for her towards Shevchenko, but it does in actual fact feel love a recognition of what she must enhance on. Composed, let’s be accurate. Shevchenko is no longer any longer stunning a corrupt matchup due to Shevchenko is an elite fighter and Maia is no longer any longer. She’s a corrupt matchup due to Maia does deal of things badly that the champ can exploit: the vogue she oversteps along with her combos, and the contrivance extraordinarily hittable she is on the reset as she keeps her fingers low and head straight up when stepping abet out to re-gain. She doesn’t carry out neatly transition scrambling either. It’s all corrupt. But is it the conclude?
Phil: Yeah. Yeah it per chance is. As talked about beforehand, the vital part to be delighted about is Maia’s aggression. She’s going to throw herself into the woodchipper with some abandon, and although she doesn’t she’s ample of a defensive void that even Valentina (???) must be ready to wipe her out fine corrupt. Ref: Adesanya vs Costa, the keep struggling with ‘technical’ got Costa murked worse than stunning holding abet.
Perception from past fights
David: Chookagian is the evident level of reference, and for accurate motive. Chookagian used to be ready to take Maia with clear combos due to Maia’s footwork taking flight used to be stunning so restricted. Even connected outdated punch entries had been a deliver. At one level Chookagian catches Maia with one amongst the slowest left hooks you’ll ever look. Maia isn’t a corrupt fighter, but she’s love deal of flee of the mill pressure fighters: when they fight with defense, they are going to either work more durable to defend less, or work arduous to study defense. If Maia can carry out a pair of of the things Nunes did, and eat up dwelling with feints and footwork, per chance she can Land a Broad One, but right here is neatly past Maia’s talents, and the ideal motive I talked about Nunes at all is to pad observe length.
Phil: This one is in actual fact unavoidable. It’s arduous to believe a extra damning wrestle for a title challenger in actual fact: it’s most modern, it’s stylistically connected, but on a a lot decrease level, and Maia lost.
David: Model of loads. Is Shevchenko ready after her immense starring position? Will Maia at closing produce weight?
Phil: How immense Jennifer Maia would need to be in grunt for me to favour her on this wrestle is an spicy ask in and of itself…?
David: This wrestle is fine evident. Maia is so stationery I in actual fact in actual fact feel love she’s gonna gain iced in theatrical kind. Whereas it’s no longer Shevchenko’s vogue to realize a short KO, I can’t look Maia avoiding a immense counter head kick, or counter-something in actual fact. Valentina Shevchenko by KO, spherical 1.
Phil: I’m going to expectantly co-signal, and pray that the chance-reward and sheer capacity differential carry out no longer consign us to Val-Carmouche. I’ve viewed that wrestle twice now! Valentina Shevchenko by TKO, spherical 1

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